Tuesday, July 28

Orchid Inspiration

After a random walk to Michael's with my mom today - I am bursting with ideas for my room, and even some plans to spice up my desk at work. The problem is: can I execute something as beautiful as this floating orchid?

I'm going to do some research and see if I can do a faux floral spin on this elegant, tropical centerpiece (by the way, if you haven't noticed- am a tad obsessed with flowers!) The fake blooms at Michael's are pretty pricey (anywhere from $2 to $10 per flower), so I might have to clip some coupons to achieve a cheap, chic look.

Check out this faux orchid- pretty passable- yes?
I'll keep you posted on my experiment <3

P.S. Listening to a lovely "chick" song right now- Adele's "Best for Last". Discovered it on my "Chasing Pavements" station on Pandora today at work...if you're a chick- you might dig it...