Wednesday, July 29

Chick *Flick*: 500 Days of Summer

Cause it's late & cause almost everyone has seen and/or given their 2 cents about this breakthrough indie chick flick, I'm going to make this post short & sweet.

Aside from the absolutely ADORABLE Joseph Gordon-Levitt (my friend and I realized his facial structure and deep dimples are hauntingly similar to Heath Ledger's) and the quirky, blue-eyed, ambiguously beautiful Zooey Deschanel- who are quite the entertaining, leading couple- the storyline manages to grab you with it's authenticity and sincerity. Even though I love me a good chick flick, this film strayed away from the mold of fantastical love stories that make you wallow in a stream of self pity because you haven't found the Noah to your Allie, and it actually tells the story of a real relationship and it's real derail.

We know it doesn't work out between Tom and Summer from the beginning (and from the trailers)- but rather than following a chronolgical model of where the relationship went wrong, the flick is a series of vignettes- shown through the various "days of (with) summer"- in which we see the rise and fall of their coupledom (or should I say coupledoom?).

We've all had those moments (whether we have just been broken up w/ or for some reason our crush just seems not to be that into us) when we mentally rewind through all the moments together and try to figure out where everything went wrong. And Tom (Levitt) totally hits on that feeling of helplessness as you search through the memories and can only reflect on all the good- leaving you even more mystified as to what the hell happened.

The saddest, and truest, part of the message this movie imparts is that even the most blissfuly beautiful relationships end.... and not necessarily because of anything specific- but just a series of little unfortunate events that make you realize you're not completely happy with your s.o.

This is a total MUST-SEE- and it will definitely make you crush on Mr. Levitt- I'm hoping that Hollywood will give him some more leading roles so I can see those dimples on the big screen again <3

p.s. am postponing Jane Green chat till tomorrow..don't think I forgot about her!