Sunday, August 16

*chick* food: Sublime Keylime Preview

So sorry I've been blog-less and MIA for the past week! I was working on a new profile for The Perfect Wedding Guide on a wonderful OC based wedding planner, Gloria McCune of Grand Engagements- she is fantastic and I wanted to make sure I took the time to write something that accurately captured her passion for celebrations and her sunny spirit.

Brian and I DID get to make keylime cupcakes this past weekend, but we made a few adjustments to save time and money (and so we could have a chance to get through season one of Showtime's Dexter- great show by the way- the antithesis of what I believe is "chick", but nonetheless compelling, crazy, creepy and addictive- hey we chicks don't just dig weepy romances and fluffy comedies!) Tomorrow, I'll post the recipe and give our little anecdote behind the cute cupcakes, but for now here is some eyecandy to send you off into a sweet week!