Monday, July 27

Decor Galore

For the past 3 years my house in the San Fernando Valley has been undergoing a massive remodel- leaving me and my OCD, decor-crazy self craving a clean, cool, tranquil space. As my room continues to be a work in progress, I have been constantly searching the internet and Ross/TJ Maxx/any other cheapy store with cute tchotchkes for anything purple, mauve, lavendar, cream, silver or with flowers, esp. hydrangeas (my absolute favorite bloom) to make my room a beautiful haven admist this half-finished house.

I found a purple desk on and it is cheap enough so that I can actually add it to my W.I.P. (work-in-progress) room at $49.

It's simple but it will really make my room pop with some unexpected color- and it has just enough room for my laptop, a notepad, and a beautiful vase of fresh hydrangeas. For storage- I am looking for chic cabinets or shelves to compliment this burst of color. Will let you know if I find anything .. <3

Oh - and here is the inspiration behind my decoration (minus the bear) :)