Monday, July 27

Jennifer Weiner: Best Friends Forever

One of my all time favorite authors, Jennifer Weiner, just came out with her new novel- Best Friends Forever- last week, and no wonder, with her fantastic slew of stories *Good in Bed* Certain Girls* Little Earthquakes* In Her Shoes* that speak to any woman on every level, it has already made it's way onto the New York Times Bestseller list.

Of course, I got it right away (thanks to my mom for spotting it for like 18 bucks at Target- pretty nice for a new hardcover!), and am already sucked in- to the point where I risked getting car sick on the loooong ride back home from Las Vegas yesterday to read on about Addie and the mysterious appearance of her childhood best friend, Valerie.

As Weiner dabbles into an uncharacterisitic literary switch from typical chick lit to chick mystery, her familiar wit and poetic eloquence are arguably at their best. Even if the plot was shit (which it isn't), I still think I would be transfixed by her writing style which is evocative of emotions only women can feel to their fullest- love, loss, the everpresent struggle of accepting who you are, complicated friendships, family struggles. She goes so deep it is impossible not to feel as though you know exactly how her characers feel.

And I swear, if she didn't make it as a wildly successful chick lit author, she could have been a food critic because her descriptions of food make my mouth water- almost more than watching Ina Garten's delectable dishes on the food network.

I'm on pg 120 of the novel (reading whenever I can- before bed, on my lunch break) and cannot wait to read more about Addie's complicated, troubled life and her unique relationship with her old & only best friend. I'll be keeping you in the know all the way through and am almost certain that it will be a novel to add to your "to-read" list! <3