Sunday, August 2

*Chick* Week Preview

After a lovely weekend in Orange County (and away from my computer!) I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, so instead of writing into the wee hours, here is a preview of what is to come this week on *Chick*. Hope you'll stay tuned!

* Final Comments on J.Weiner's BFF (finished today on the train home)
* Thoughts on my new chick lit pick (bought at target today for $18-Madeline Wickham's (aka. Sophie Kinsella- author of the Shopaholic series) The Wedding Girl. The only thing better than a new piece of chick lit is a new piece of chick lit about weddings!
* Stories & Pics of my bf & I's attempt to make a red velvet whoopie pie from a recipe in Good Housekeeping.
*Decor ideas & inspiration from Better Homes & Gardens

Can't Wait! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend <3
(gotta love pink peonies!!)