Monday, August 3

Chick *Lit*: Final Words on J.Weiner's BFF

Loved it- no surprise there! So emotional, so poetic, so real, so good! If I had my choice, I would have finished it in a day, but it only took me a week to get through this adventure of friendship, of self-discovery and acceptance, of living life to the fullest even when you think it might be too late to carpe diem.

I can't detect what I love most about J.Weiner's writing but I got to say- whether the resolutions are happy, sad, or surprising, no one can end a novel like she does. She manages to leave you content with how things are left, yet you still wish the book wasn't over so you can find out whats happening with the's like a novel you know has a sequel and you just can't wait to see what's next. Even today while I was driving to work, I was wondering how Addie was and if she was still friends with Val- I know a book is good when I forgot that I finished reading it.

I don't want to reveal too much about the plot just incase anyone decides to read it (or borrow it!), but I will say that you get to see an entire character progression of how Addie goes from lonely to loved, and even though she doesn't live a blessed life, she does get a blessed ending- a much deserved conclusion that will leave you smiling & satisfied :)